The Cliff @ Avoca Beach

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What we are working on :)

The Grounds

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A visit to the Grounds is a must for all. 

A hugely popular go-to for weekend brunch or lunch or a quick fix takeaway. At The Grounds in Alexandria, Sydney they roast their own coffee, bake their own bread, make their own pastries and grow their own fruit and vegetables.  

The queues are long (weekends more so) but you are happy to wait they want you to come and love being there its all about the experience.  

The outside garden offers several enticements; a playground for children, a pet pig named Kevin Bacon, lemonade and fruit stands, and a florist replete with blooms, homemade muesli and jams. 

The grounds uses sustainable practices including fresh picking of herbs every morning. A full time horticulturist on the grounds who works closely with the chef to develop and maintain the garden to grow seasonal produce for the menu. 

The Grounds believes in sharing their knowledge and expertise in everything from coffee to their sustainable gardening methods and fresh produce. To pass on their passion, they have designed a series of short courses and learning sessions designed for people of all ages who are keen to learn more about the journey of coffee and food from seed to plate (or cup). Visit their website for Roasting sessions, workshops in the Grounds garden or to find out about their special events from buzzing markets to school holiday programs for the little ones; 

Pictured above; FOR THE COFFEE LOVERS The research Facility at the Grounds allows them to experiment with different roasting profiles and techniques based on individual types of coffee and beans. Using dual Probatone roasting machines imported from Germany, they trial different processes with single estates and single origins from different regions. They pass on findings from their research facility to the main production facility to ensure they continually deliver the best coffee to their customers.
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Welcome DESIGN with VISION

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At Natures Vision we are extending our passion for the outdoors with a newly selected range of designer pieces. 

The Design with Vision brand will source unique designer pieces from home and abroad for our outdoors. Our outdoor collection will highlight detail, embrace design with high grade materials to with-stand the harsh Australian climate.

Our pieces are not only a sculptural decoration to compliment the garden but will encourage more time spent outdoors.

Below is a snippet of the our outdoor range that is coming soon....  For product information, expression of interest for orders contact our sales office [email protected] 

Teak Spider Web

Teak Croquet Set

Teak Petanque Set

Oak Soccer Goal

Fire bowl

Pantry Module 2

Sway Chair


Goonoo Goonoo Station

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Today the station is best known for the outstanding Santas gertrudis prize-winning cows but Goonoo Goonoo (said to mean 'plenty of water') is Tamworth district's most historical and iconic property.

It is one of the earliest settled holdings in rural Australia and was part of the original land grant by King George IV in the British parliament. This property was granted to the Australian Agricultural Company in 1832. The land was selected and surveyed for the company by explorer Henry Dangar and the first stock, 6000 sheep arrived in 1834. 

Goonoo Goonoo itself became almost a village in the 1870's with its elaborate station homestead, post office, school, numerous cottages for employees, accommodation house and woolshed. 

The property was then sold by the Australian Agricultural Company into private hands in 1985. 

On my recent visit to Goonoo Goonoo station I wondered around to see a number of old buildings, which once formed this semi-autonomous village, which still remain. The chapel is to the rear of the homestead (1840). There is a gabled rubblestone store cum post office with brick arches (1853), a large brick woolshed (divided into three gabled sections) on a hill, and a memorial fountain in remembrance of G.B. King, the son of Elizabeth Macarthur and Philip Gidley King. 

I was invited to envision a new era for Goonoo Goonoo Station.

Pictured above: On our arrival an aerial view of Goonoo Goonoo station. 

Pictured above; The original homestead with its new elegant additions.

Pictured above; Close up images of the new restoration taking place.

Pictured above; A map of Goonoo Goonoo property 

Pictured above; The old wool shed

Pictured above: The Shearers Quarters

Pictured above: The Sheep Yards

Pictured above; The Post Office

Pictured above; The Chapel

Pictured above; As we flew over Goonoo Goonoo property this aerial view is of one of the biggest rocks in Australia. It is an impressive 117 acres in land size.

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Memorable space

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Your landscape garden choices play a role in creating a warm and welcoming feel to your home. This should reflect your home's style it is more than a simple doorway; Its the space where the transition is made from the exterior, public world to the interior, private world. Architectural elements can help define the area, but they don't stand alone. This is the first and last outdoor room your family and friends see so creating a memorable space is the key.  

Pictured: This project features on our gallery - Wamberal Hill

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A tropical hideaway

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The garden hidden away in the Avoca Beach hinterland is the perfect setting for a lush tropical garden.

Pictured above; Palm plantings of Raphis excelsa, Howea forsteriana, Ptychosperma elegans, Archontophoenix cunninghamiana provided protection for understorey plantings of Cycas revoluta, Tradescantia pallida, Zamia furfuracea, Philodendron Congo, Codiaeum variegatum. Warmer areas of the garden facing west had succulent plantings of Dracena draco, Opuntia, Aloe barbarae, Senecio serpens.

Pictured above; Outdoor garden shower

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Serene courtyard

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This modern mix of Japanese and Californian style garden is a sense of serenity.

Pictured; A recent snapshot. This garden features in our gallery - North Avoca View    

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The Coastal Edge

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On a recent family vacation to the NSW Great Lakes Coastal region we admired the picturesque coastal scenery.  The NSW east coast of Australia has a rugged coast line but our coastal flora is truly amazing! 

Pictured: Sugarloaf Point, Seals Rock (above)   

Pictured: Booti Booti National Park - Elizabeth Beach (above) 

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A hard days work...

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Sydney's Pittwater in the Sydney Northern beaches region is one of the majestic waterways that separates the greater metropolitan Sydney from the Central Coast (which is home to our nature's vision team). 

This project on the slopes of the Pittwater harbour at Church Point proved challenging for the natures vision team with long days traveling to and from the job site, no access for machinery and everything coming back to a hard days work. The natures vision team carried out the demolition and excavation by hand labour. 

The hard scape included; A grand sandstone staircase - concrete footings and concrete sub base to staircase, along with all concrete block walling and detailed sandstone work. Sandstone paved front door entry, entertaining area and staircases. After the hard scape the external lighting, irrigation, lawn and the garden where installed.

This landscape build was almost 12 months and as all works undertaken by our construction team were carried on by hand labour this showed true craftsmanship.


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Dry pack basalt wall

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This impressive dry pack stone wall was built by the Natures Vision team. This wall hugs the gentle curve of the exposed aggregate driveway when entering this beautiful residence.

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