Behind the Scenes - Stage 1

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A new entrance is underway to this prestigious hillside residence in North Avoca by the Natures Vision team. 

A lot goes on behind the scenes of a landscape project, I thought I would share some snapshots of the first stage of this project. 

To be continued....

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Natural Wonders

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The natural landscape wonders of Rotorua, New Zealand - bubbling mud pools.

Snapshots from a recent trip to Rotorua ....

Pictured above; We escaped into the beautiful Whakarewarewa Forest, one of Rotorua's most spectacular natural assets. Famous for its magnificent stands of towering Californian Coastal Redwoods. 

Pictured above: Government Gardens. Amazing to find these gardens are located in the middle of a volcanic landscape. We explored the historic gardens that surround the Rotorua Museum of Art and History. The museum is housed in the old bath house building which was once a famous geothermal spa which offered therapeutic treatments to visitors from all over the world in the 1900's. 

Picture above: Croquet Pitch 

Pictured above; Pollarded Plane Trees.

Pictured above; Kuirau - A walk through this informal park we discovered the steaming, hissing and bubbling geothermal activity. 

Pictured above: Tamatekapua a traditional meeting house.

written by; Adam Eurell 

New Zealand Flora;  Lancewood (Pseudopanax ferox)

Pictured above; A small tree endemic to NZ. 
This is an unusual looking tree but has its charms - Long serrated evergreen leaves hang sharply downwards.

A project to endure - Northbridge, Sydney

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Our clients expressed easier access was needed from their residence to their boathouse. A collaborative effort between the clients, Michael Cooke Garden Designs and Adam Eurell Natures Vision to get this project underway. 

It was a tough site as it involved hardship and a higher amount of effort from the Natures Vision team, there was no landscape design in place and with the only access to bring in materials was via an inclinator proved a challenging build. 

A variety of new and old materials were used in-keeping with the harbour side native bushland setting. 

Timber inclinator platforms from milled white Mahogany hardwood posts and bearers for white ant resistance, durable Tallowood decking and bronze woven mesh infills for handrails. Footpaths included sandstone slabs used as step treads, brown decomposed granite and sandstone flagging pathways, edged by custom cut corten steel and rubbled rock from site was used to retain upside of pathways.  

Our team had the ability to keep on going to see this project evolve. 

Pictured above; Inclinator track to boathouse

Pictured above; Inclinator middle platform

Pictured above; Inclinator boathouse platform 

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Design with Vision - Spring Catalogue

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The world's most influential designers and architects are the people behind our outdoor range. Outdoor designer pieces are now within reach in our Spring 2013 outdoor catalogue. 

Our creative vision for the Australian outdoors have embraced unique designer pieces from garden games to furniture and more. We hope you enjoy perusing our catalogue as much as we did creating it.  Spring 2013 DWV Catalogue


Sway Chair - designer Rikke Frost 

Sway means to swing. And that's exactly what you can in this unique chair that was designed by danish designer Rikke Frost. The chair's simple design, materials and craftsmanship goes far back in the traditions, but Rikke Frost has added Sway its own modern idiom and character. Sway has a light and aesthetic expression, and straps makes it comfortable to sit in. The frame is of teak, which is weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Sway suitable therefore very good for outdoor use. But the rocking chair can also be enjoyed inside - alone or with a child in a rocking moment with history reading or otherwise.


Tiny Tickers Ball Sydney 2013

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We had great pleasure in joining Alpine Nurseries at this years Tiny Tickers Ball. 

Just under 500 guests stepped into 'A night in vegas' for the 2013 Tiny Tickers Ball at the Westin Sydney on the 31 August. The night was a success raising over $110,000 for HeartKids NSW which will enable them to keep on supporting our HeartKids and their families affected by childhood heart disease.    

Natures Vision donated a Petanque garden game set from their 'Design With Vision' outdoor collection range for the silent auctions. Spring 2013 DWV Catalogue

Heartkids NSW is a charity that is very close to home for Adam and his family. HeartKids are dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with Heart Disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease. While for many families of these children the future is clouded with uncertainty, their goal is to secure the futures of our very special kids. How you can help support HeartKids NSW


Australian Garden Show

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Springtime @ the Australian Garden Show, Centennial Parklands Sydney. We share with you some of the inspirational landscape gardens at this years event.

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Let there be LIGHT!

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The effects of exterior lighting sets a mood. It's like a piece of art, highlighting the surrounding architecture you can add drama and elegance with subtle lighting or an architectural statement with bolder lighting fixtures.

Keirei - Fascinating, mysterious and unconventional  

Pictured above; A bow (Keirei in Japanese) to nature as a sign of respect to the environment. Glass and casting of iron bend in a surprising bow; the lamp expresses all its evocative potential thanks to the material charm and to the clean essentiality of the shapes. Keirei fits into any kind of environment with great personality: an incisive sign, almost a silent sculpture that inhabits outdoor spaces with the typical discretion of the Japanese salute from which takes its name from. Unalterable and resistant to any weather conditions. Materials in two versions: natural antique and grey.  

Pictured above; Bloom pots highlight the entry inside this front courtyard.

Pictured above; Weathered wharf timber provide posts to these stainless steel down lights.

Pictured above; Uplighters highlight plant forms within this poolside garden. 

Saint Tropez - Innate Style and Versatility 

Pictured above: Saint-Tropez is a collection of outdoor lamps, inspired by a french holiday resort, where beauty meets functionality and accompanies the outdoor life with elegance. Created to become part of the most diverse architectural landscapes, private or commercial these lamps are designed to guide the light beam downwards. Saint -Tropez is sophisticated elegance and attention to detail where proportions and balance play a decisive role. The materials, metal in grey or natural antique finish, emphasize the refined spirit of the collection with a polish vintage look.     

Inbox - Outbox,  Spontaneous sculpture

Pictured above; Inbox-Outbox is a collection of garden lamps that have bold and essential lines, pure and surface decoration-free shapes. The peculiar inclined shape of the lamps wants to guarantee optimal illumination through the light beam turned downwards. 

GAME - Light and play  

Pictured above; Inspired by toy soldiers game, Game is a garden lamp with a material mark ad strongly modern. A surprising volume, a contemporary artwork that enchants for its unique inclination and squared shapes. 

Pictured above; Subtle lighting shining down from up above

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Outdoor Shower

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Showering outdoors is a great place to rinse off after a swim in the pool, sandy feet from a day at the beach or to simply unwind at the end of a hot summers day. 

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Velvet Elephant Ear

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Kalanchoe beharensis commonly known as the Velvet Elephant Ear. This Kalanchoe has it's origins in Madagascar, the velvety foliage, with large elephant ear-shaped leaves, creates a stunning specimen on its own, or contrasted with lower growing succulents or grasses. Drought tolerant and a perfect plant for novice gardeners or anyone who prefers a low-maintenance gardening.   

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The boundary

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The boundaries of our home need to harmonise with our garden and create a connection with the surrounding environment.


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