Design with Vision - Spring Catalogue

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The world's most influential designers and architects are the people behind our outdoor range. Outdoor designer pieces are now within reach in our Spring 2013 outdoor catalogue. 

Our creative vision for the Australian outdoors have embraced unique designer pieces from garden games to furniture and more. We hope you enjoy perusing our catalogue as much as we did creating it.  Spring 2013 DWV Catalogue


Sway Chair - designer Rikke Frost 

Sway means to swing. And that's exactly what you can in this unique chair that was designed by danish designer Rikke Frost. The chair's simple design, materials and craftsmanship goes far back in the traditions, but Rikke Frost has added Sway its own modern idiom and character. Sway has a light and aesthetic expression, and straps makes it comfortable to sit in. The frame is of teak, which is weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Sway suitable therefore very good for outdoor use. But the rocking chair can also be enjoyed inside - alone or with a child in a rocking moment with history reading or otherwise.


Tiny Tickers Ball Sydney 2013

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We had great pleasure in joining Alpine Nurseries at this years Tiny Tickers Ball. 

Just under 500 guests stepped into 'A night in vegas' for the 2013 Tiny Tickers Ball at the Westin Sydney on the 31 August. The night was a success raising over $110,000 for HeartKids NSW which will enable them to keep on supporting our HeartKids and their families affected by childhood heart disease.    

Natures Vision donated a Petanque garden game set from their 'Design With Vision' outdoor collection range for the silent auctions. Spring 2013 DWV Catalogue

Heartkids NSW is a charity that is very close to home for Adam and his family. HeartKids are dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with Heart Disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease. While for many families of these children the future is clouded with uncertainty, their goal is to secure the futures of our very special kids. How you can help support HeartKids NSW


Australian Garden Show

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Springtime @ the Australian Garden Show, Centennial Parklands Sydney. We share with you some of the inspirational landscape gardens at this years event.

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