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Wrapping up for christmas!

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We have had a busy run in the lead up to Christmas with our maintenance and construction teams

The maintenance teams have been working tirelessly trying to visit all our gardens before the festive season for our clients to enjoy their homes full with family and friends.  The construction crew had many projects on the go most of them they are returning to complete all in the New Year... 

What we have wrapped up for Christmas;   

Manly foreshore - under construction

A landscaped entry is underway from the back steps of 4 luxury apartments to the manly foreshore. 

Avoca Beach - under construction

A private residence soon to be completed in 2014 @ Avoca Beach point.  

Our clients are to holiday here for 7 days over the festive season to enjoy their stay we commenced the landscape by bringing in boulder rocks to edge the garden, installed approx 90m3 of garden soil, turf underlays blown in by the soil blowers and temporarily turfed the grounds.

We will complete our designed landscaped project after all the building contractors have finished up in the new year. 


Erina Heights - Final stages

This large scale project which has been completed over 2 years is drawing to a close, after a late addition of a new shed by the builders the garden and lawns are all complete with only the regrading of driveway and steel edging to be carried out in the new year, ready for the installation of asphalt. The garden will continue to be nurtured by NVL.

North Avoca Hillside - under construction

This project we have been following on our blog Behind the Scenes Stage 1, 2 & 3. 

We have been working on this project for the last 3 months and have now finished all the major construction works on this driveway. The footpath and layback is what we wrapped up in the week leading up to Christmas. TBC

New project @Avoca - under construction

This is a new project that will be completed in stages. The landscape design is a unique collaboration between Adam Eurell (Natures Vision), Matt Elkan (architect) and Michael Cooke garden design and involves detailed construction and planting which will be an exciting new garden.

First stage; After the installation of a concrete wall, an application of a  35mm blackbutt hardwood picket was decided. In order to continue this theme around the rear and side boundaries a picket style fence was adopted to provide privacy and style in a similar size but varying arrangement. The fence will provide a seemless backdrop to the garden once weathered, between garden and distance bushland views. 

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Behind the Scenes - Stage 3

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On this project Adam and our construction team have coordinated with many other trades now for 3 months, the works have progressed well given this is a steep and challenging hillside location. 

An update; 

The top suspended section of this driveway has been formed by the form workers and then ready for the installation of the steel reinforcing. With beams of concrete to hold this driveway up in the air, the steel work was quite intricate. 

The engineer inspected the steel work; it was then good to go ahead with the concrete pour. The 25m3 of concrete was pumped in and finished by the concreter's. 

The bulk of the major construction works is thankfully over, next year we will be working on making this look something a little more detailed than what you see now; automatic timber gates to the pillars, cobble paving to lower section of driveway which flows to the entry of the home, stone clad walls and finally the garden, it seemed such a long way away when we commenced. TBC

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Before & After

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The landscaping of this acreage residence has been completed in cooperation with the building company and owners over the past three years. The house recently won an award at the Masters Builders Association 2013 building awards and completes the owners lifetime ambition to build their luxury family home and garden. 

The pre build house featured extensive gardens with many mature plants and trees all installed by the owners. To maintain the essence of the original garden, certain plants and shrubs were selected and relocated into appropriate positions within the new landscape, thus providing a familiarity from the owners past memories.

A long journey but the grounds will be completed early in the new year. Some images below showcase the different spaces around this divine home and the work undertaken to get there!

Front Entrance; 

Side Passage ;

The Yard;

written by; Adam Eurell 

Behind the Scenes - Stage 2

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An update with the next stage of the project @ North Avoca. 

Our Natures Vision construction crew have been setting levels, installing adequate drainage, placing steel work and forming up the semi suspended lower half of this driveway, electricians have been making allowances for the the exterior lighting/automated gates and intercom before the concreter's are too come in. 

A tight schedule is in order to keep all our projects running smoothly at this time of the year. We have all the required tradesman booked in and at no point can you put any tradesman back by a day or two as there is no flexibility with christmas fast approaching all our tradesman have a heavy workload.

The concrete pour needed to be on schedule, a stormy day wasn't exactly the weather forecast our team had wished for. The overnight radar was worrying 'storm with heavy rain' was on its way.

An early rise on the morning of and the storm swirling around with heavy rain but we pushed ahead when there was a break in the sky. With a cobble finish to be laid over the lower half of the drive, the top finish wasn't a concern. The pour was a success.... TBC

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