Bouddi Pennisula

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A coastal holiday house overlooking the pristine Putty Beach. This home at Killcare was completed in 2009, we were engaged to design and install a garden linking the street garage to the front door. This garden incorporates a series of timber platforms and decks, planted with a combination of native and mixed exotics. This low maintenance garden kept by our horticultural team with only 4 personnel hours per month shows the benefits of experienced horticultural care.

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Playtime in the garden

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A garden is a playground for many adventures to be had. We can all remember the good times in own backyards growing up as kids where cricket games were won, trees were climbed and mum declaring the day was over "come inside now!!"

This project's backyard nestled on the Copacabana Headland had engaged the services of  Michael Cooke Garden Design. NVL worked closely with the client and Michael to deliver a simple but functional space for family and friends to enjoy.

After installing the gabions and deck it was time to remove the existing clifftop fence and open up the space by removing all the bitou bush ready for replanting of local species of coastal rosemary, lomandra and pigface. The new fence made of brass mesh allowed a seemless edge to the garden unlike the previous treated pine picket fence (above).

An open aired timber tree house amongst the casuarinas (above). 

Little people love the the outdoor spaces we can create for them today (above). 

An outdoor cinema for all ages to enjoy!! (above)

written by; Adam Eurell

Villa d'Este - Tivoli ITALY

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On a recent family trip to Italy we traveled through the beautiful countryside surrounding the busy capital, Rome to visit Villa d'Este garden. 

Fountain of Neptune (above)

The Fountain of the Ovato (above)

View of the fish ponds (above)

The Villa is full of beautiful scenes refreshed by some five hundred fountains, pools and water troughs but no other fountain matches the bewitching charm of the Hundred Fountains. When first built, the Hundred fountains must have been particularly impressive; marble gleaming, sculptures intact, water vigorous, inspiring in their sumptuousness, refinement and art. But no more - now it can only hint at its original grandeur and beauty; the marble is corroded and the trickle water reveals the patina age. The water falls into three long parallel channels arranged one above the other, forming one single water play. Hanging above the highest channel are sculptures of lilies, obelisks, boats and eagles these are all the d'este families beloved symbols. The entire marble wall that separates the upper channel from the middle one was carved with episodes from the "Metamorphoses" of Ovid. But what little remains of these carvings is hidden under a graceful mantle of verdant foliage. 

The Hundred Fountains (above)     

written by; Adam Eurell