Goonoo Goonoo Homestead

Goonoo Goonoo Station (gun-a-gun-oo) is one of the New England region's most prized and historical pastoral properties. The homestead was built in the 1840’s by the Australian Agricultural Company, recently restored and modernised, while respecting the character of the original building. The landscape design enhances the grandeur of the original homestead and modern feel of the new renovations. Landscape elements were carefully selected and included basalt gravel drive, formally edged by bluenosed granite sections with an arrival of hardstand bluestone rumbled cobbles. Original garden edging stones were collected and used as flagging to integrate a designated parking area for the homestead. The original pool was renovated and included hardwood timber fences with brass mesh inserts. The new garden was selected from flowering perennials, ornamental grasses along with new deciduous trees to compliment the 70+ year Ulmus parvifolia located within circular drive on arrival. The rear internal courtyard defined by a large contemporary blade wall incorporating a fireplace and access to the village. Large Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital' were used to provide a columnar vertical growth habit in scale with the second storey of homestead verandah. The homestead remains an iconic piece of Australian history.