Copacabana NSW

An old school beach house has been beautifully restored and is now a luxury designer beach retreat.

Our clients talked about what sort of spaces they wanted to create ‘outside’ and then let garden designer Michael Cooke and the Nature’s Vision landscape team do what we do best.

The bold landscape design produced a unique Australian coastal garden and we have the owners to thank for believing in the design and keeping an open mind throughout the entire landscape build.

The design included simple functionality of various living spaces such as: outdoor shower, footbath, wide-open lawn & play area completely fenced off from the cliff creating a secure area for kids with an open air tree house.

Our landscape team carried out all demolition and excavation along with the detailed hardscape; cliff side fence, gabion walls, off-form concrete stairs, steppers, letterbox, driveway, stone entry feature wall, footbath & copper tap, corten garden blades, kids tree house, steel edging, drainage, lighting, irrigation and all soft landscaping.

The ocean side Casuarinas were kept and pruned to frame and provide context to the beautiful view of the ocean. This is an element of the garden our clients really appreciate.

The roadside landscape was enhanced with the use of various stone products.

Our team had the ability to comprehend the intricacies of the design and bring it to life.

Our maintenance team manages the grounds and all horticultural areas of the garden.