Coastal Garden

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 | Leave a Comment (0)

A Wamberal coastal residence has been designed in-house. The clients brief was for a functional garden with an emphasis on New Zealand and Australian native plant's in-keeping with the origin of the home owners. 

Our design intent was for an informal coastal styled garden. Plant material was to flow onto pathways to soften the entire dwelling and recycled timber and natural stones provided an earthy pallete of materials in the garden. 

Front garden;
A relaxed coastal garden including Coastal Rosemary, Coastal and Swamp Banksia, Queenslamd Bottle Tree, Casuarina Cousin it, Xanthorrhoea glauca, Poa Suggan Buggan, Variegated NZ Flax, Corokia Silver Ghost and Carex grasses planted amongst aged railway stepped sleepers, basalt boulders and terrazo steppers for an informal but impressive entry to the home.

Pictured above; A small lawn courtyard was created in the front garden with a large recycled timber wharf beam to allow a private spot to sit, although this courtyard was not totally enclosed it allowed a private setting with an open feel to the space. 

Rear garden;
Nestled at the rear boundary was an existing canopy of Lemon scented tea trees. Initially the client was undecided to keep the tea trees as they blocked their view but existed as effective screening for the neighbouring house. After debate it was decided to treat the trees with a skeletonised type pruning at the commencement of the house build so 12 months down the track the neighbouring house would be screened, views were maintained and plants now have a new lease of life. This proved to be a successful horticultural operation, the plants still providing a great canopy today. The underplantings included Dicksonias, Cyatheas, Native Gardenia, NZ Rock Lilies, Themeda 'Mingo' Grass, Native voilet and Alpinia all set below the elevated pool.

Above;  Embracing a soft relaxed feel with timber decking, natural stone, Terrazo stone pavers were used around the pool area, entry stairs and upper balconies.

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