Let there be LIGHT!

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The effects of exterior lighting sets a mood. It's like a piece of art, highlighting the surrounding architecture you can add drama and elegance with subtle lighting or an architectural statement with bolder lighting fixtures.

Keirei - Fascinating, mysterious and unconventional  

Pictured above; A bow (Keirei in Japanese) to nature as a sign of respect to the environment. Glass and casting of iron bend in a surprising bow; the lamp expresses all its evocative potential thanks to the material charm and to the clean essentiality of the shapes. Keirei fits into any kind of environment with great personality: an incisive sign, almost a silent sculpture that inhabits outdoor spaces with the typical discretion of the Japanese salute from which takes its name from. Unalterable and resistant to any weather conditions. Materials in two versions: natural antique and grey.  

Pictured above; Bloom pots highlight the entry inside this front courtyard.

Pictured above; Weathered wharf timber provide posts to these stainless steel down lights.

Pictured above; Uplighters highlight plant forms within this poolside garden. 

Saint Tropez - Innate Style and Versatility 

Pictured above: Saint-Tropez is a collection of outdoor lamps, inspired by a french holiday resort, where beauty meets functionality and accompanies the outdoor life with elegance. Created to become part of the most diverse architectural landscapes, private or commercial these lamps are designed to guide the light beam downwards. Saint -Tropez is sophisticated elegance and attention to detail where proportions and balance play a decisive role. The materials, metal in grey or natural antique finish, emphasize the refined spirit of the collection with a polish vintage look.     

Inbox - Outbox,  Spontaneous sculpture

Pictured above; Inbox-Outbox is a collection of garden lamps that have bold and essential lines, pure and surface decoration-free shapes. The peculiar inclined shape of the lamps wants to guarantee optimal illumination through the light beam turned downwards. 

GAME - Light and play  

Pictured above; Inspired by toy soldiers game, Game is a garden lamp with a material mark ad strongly modern. A surprising volume, a contemporary artwork that enchants for its unique inclination and squared shapes. 

Pictured above; Subtle lighting shining down from up above

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Outdoor Shower

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Showering outdoors is a great place to rinse off after a swim in the pool, sandy feet from a day at the beach or to simply unwind at the end of a hot summers day. 

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Velvet Elephant Ear

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Kalanchoe beharensis commonly known as the Velvet Elephant Ear. This Kalanchoe has it's origins in Madagascar, the velvety foliage, with large elephant ear-shaped leaves, creates a stunning specimen on its own, or contrasted with lower growing succulents or grasses. Drought tolerant and a perfect plant for novice gardeners or anyone who prefers a low-maintenance gardening.   

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