The boundary

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The boundaries of our home need to harmonise with our garden and create a connection with the surrounding environment.


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The Cliff @ Avoca Beach

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What we are working on :)

The Grounds

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A visit to the Grounds is a must for all. 

A hugely popular go-to for weekend brunch or lunch or a quick fix takeaway. At The Grounds in Alexandria, Sydney they roast their own coffee, bake their own bread, make their own pastries and grow their own fruit and vegetables.  

The queues are long (weekends more so) but you are happy to wait they want you to come and love being there its all about the experience.  

The outside garden offers several enticements; a playground for children, a pet pig named Kevin Bacon, lemonade and fruit stands, and a florist replete with blooms, homemade muesli and jams. 

The grounds uses sustainable practices including fresh picking of herbs every morning. A full time horticulturist on the grounds who works closely with the chef to develop and maintain the garden to grow seasonal produce for the menu. 

The Grounds believes in sharing their knowledge and expertise in everything from coffee to their sustainable gardening methods and fresh produce. To pass on their passion, they have designed a series of short courses and learning sessions designed for people of all ages who are keen to learn more about the journey of coffee and food from seed to plate (or cup). Visit their website for Roasting sessions, workshops in the Grounds garden or to find out about their special events from buzzing markets to school holiday programs for the little ones; 

Pictured above; FOR THE COFFEE LOVERS The research Facility at the Grounds allows them to experiment with different roasting profiles and techniques based on individual types of coffee and beans. Using dual Probatone roasting machines imported from Germany, they trial different processes with single estates and single origins from different regions. They pass on findings from their research facility to the main production facility to ensure they continually deliver the best coffee to their customers.
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