An edible garden

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The Key to the best dishes is the fresh produce that we can grow in our garden.

A herb and veggie garden (above) built by the natures vision team at a country homestead in the Upper Hunter Valley.

A typical veggie patch on the slopes of the Cinque Terre coast - Italian Riviera (above). Alongside these mountains are rich fields and crops that are known for growing olives, grapes as well as some of the most fruitful fresh fruit and veggies you have ever tasted. Worked by the local land owners, the bounty from which is then shared amongst family and friends.  

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A beauty!!!

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The Buckinghamia celcissima (Ivory Curl tree) patriotically puts on a fine floral show for AUSTRALIA DAY the flowers are sweetly fragrant, grow to 20cm long and bloom from Australia day to late summer. This is the most striking Australian native plant when in full flower. This tree is tough, easy care and very low maintenance.

Residential area near Aracoon National Park NSW mid north coast (above)

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