A sunday picnic at Hawthorn Stud

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Each year Michael and Cathy Cooke open their garden at "Hawthorn stud" Central Mangrove to the public. It was a perfect spring day through-out the morning we explored the garden, we joined family and friends for a lunch time feast and shared many laughs on the boules court. We relaxed in the afternoon on our picnic blankets as the kids continued to enjoy roaming through the garden. Great day, Thanks Michael and Cathy!

Outhouse over the pond (above)

Sculptures by Jamie Sargeant (above)

Tear drop topiaries (above)

The Chook Shed and Charlee (above)

Nature's Vision refurbished the front entry pond in Michael's garden just weeks prior to the open garden - during construction (above)

The pond features hand made Italian terracotta laid in a radial on the capping with a green glazed tile internally which originally looked pretty wild prior too installation, but now looks as though its been their forever . Nice choice Cathy!

written by; Adam Eurell

Heartkids Garden Tour

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"Spring is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors" 

Our nature's vision team and I enjoyed this years Heartkids Spring Garden tour, we visited five of Sydney's most prestigious private gardens in Balmain, Clovelly, Kensington, Point Piper and Elizabeth Bay. This years tour was a great success supported by Alpine nurseries raising over $25K with all proceeds going directly to Heartkids NSW.

Balmain private garden (above)

Clovelly private garden (above)

Kensington private garden (above)


Point Piper private garden (above)

Elizabeth Bay private garden "Boomerang" (above)

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